Clubcast – Bring the artists to you!


Imagine living in a small town not on the normal routes of any of the big name stars you want to see. You would love to go out to the club and catch artist like R3hab, Tommy Trash, Congorock, Moguai, Kill Paris, Manic Focus, 3LAU, Deniz Koyu, Popeska, dBerrie, Carnage, Heroes X Villains, Brillz… the list goes on and you get the picture. Big names that just don’t often come through because the promoters can’t afford them, or logistically it would be a nightmare for them.

Enter Mixify’s Clubcast.

Mixify got it’s roots by creating and fleshing out a niche market for online festivals and events. What started as a meager flash-based site where anybody could send music via direct interface with flash, has grown leaps and bounds. The average bedroom/hobby dj can connect to Mixify and host their own event, and if they’re feeling frisky their own festival! What started as audio only has evolved into a full on audio/visual dance by many of the community djs.

From these beginnings, Mixify expanded it’s technology to fit what seems a natural niche. By using a the groundwork they’ve already created, Mixify enables a smaller venue to bring in a big name dj, virtually! Artists will be connected with the venues by 2way streaming HD Video and club quality audio direct to the venues.

Sound confusing? Don’t worry, Mixify has got your back! Mixify provides top-level support helping you every step of the way! From artist booking, production support, event marketing and streaming.

What’s it like? Check out this video from Tommy Trash’s international Clubcast from Los Angeles to Buenos Aires!

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