Hello Chew.TV!

Those of you who know me and have followed my dj track, have probably heard me talk a time or two about Mixify. Hell, you’ve probably even recall the interview we posted right here on #MTD with David Moricca, the founder of Mixify.com and Clubcast. Like all good things though, eventually tech moves onward and the landscape changes.

The team over at Mixify have moved onward from the Mixify platform itself to focus solely on Clubcast, only really keeping things active and fixing bugs that spring up. I can’t begrudge them as development is often directed where the most earning potential is possible. However, what was once a cutting edge platform, has now become fairly commonplace. As hobby and enthusiast djs and labels spring up ever more often in this day and age, a strong platform needs to evolve and outshine the rest. With options for live streaming such as YouTube, Twitch, etc, how can one choose?

For myself, as I am now more a hobby dj and producer, the goal was clear. Find a platform that was easy to use and hassle free, oh and free as well 😉 With YouTube and Twitch, a hobby dj often runs into copyright issues, especially if they mix other people’s work. For the larger labels and djs, it’s easier to use those services as they retain their rights. For instance, Monstercat has an awesome Twitch channel!

As a hobby/bedroom dj however, accounts often get flagged for copyright issues and people end up with marks against their accounts etc. Enter one of my new favorite websites, Chew.TV.


So I moved on from Mixify, but the question was where to go? It was actually by happenstance while I was sitting in a Mixify room that someone mentioned Chew and I started digging around a bit. The more I dug around on the site, the more I liked it. So let’s delve into this, shall we?

What Is Chew.TV?

Chew.TV is a live streaming platform for djs, studios, venues, etc to share live video events to their followers. Viewers can be anonymous or register for an account. Registration is simple and can also be done through Facebook or Twitter credentials. Taken from Chew.TV directly:

Chew is the live streaming platform that connects a community of over 20,000 amateur, up-and-coming and professional DJs, producers and personalities from over 130 countries around the world. Our community of content creators is joined by an audience of both fellow creators and fans in over 190 countries.

We’re a (full-time) team of three based in East London. We’re amateur DJs, musicians, record label managers and event promoters.

So there you have it, that’s the simple summary of it. But let’s dig a little deeper, yeah?

Chew.TV offers many things that some of the other sites lack.

  • First and foremost for me, is a team that seems truly excited about the project they’re working on. With an official slack community, they interact regularly and really listen to their community. Being djs, musicians themselves, the team at Chew seem to have a solid grasp on the needs of niche they’re developing for.
  • Automatic archival of videos – Once you complete your broadcast, Chew.TV automatically archives it and adds it to your list of shows, allowing your fans and followers to listen if they weren’t available for the live broadcast, or re-listen simply because it was an amazing set. You can also add tracks to sets post-show to show tracklisting for songs, edit descriptions and tags, rename, and delete archives. Everything you’d expect, and you can even change URLs of the shows if you are renaming your recurring podcast etc.
  • API interface – Now, my knowledge here is self-described as being beginner level at best. However, from what I’ve seen, the API interface allows for some very handy interaction with Chew.TV. From the API people can create/modify/delete shows, look up show information, user info, etc. All of this seems to lend itself well with DJs who are broadcasting from their djing rigs, because with a proper interface/tools, a DJ can do everything they need with very little usage on the almighty precious CPU cycles.
  • Chew Crews – This was something that struck me as awesome. A dj/label/whatever can setup a “crew”, which is a collection of other users. The crews can be open or closed, open meaning anyone can join it, closed requiring approval. Then the members of the crew can go live with their crew mountpoint and the show will be available under the crew page. Think of it as a community inside the community. Wait, is that communinception? 😉 Get it? Heh. Anyhow, as crews seem to be just now taking hold, I imagine there will be many crews springing up, including our very own MakeThem.Dance crew! I foresee crews dedicated to genres, regions, etc springing up more and more often as the Chew userbase grows. Which brings me to the final point I’d like to add.
  • Small Userbase – Chew.TV is still relatively small in the internet world. Getting in on the groundfloor of this site, and setting your foundations, is something I strongly encourage everyone to do. There are guides available if you’re looking to stream your own events, and we’ll probably even create our own here at #MTD. So stay tuned for those, but if you need help head on over to the Getting Started section of the guide on Chew.TV!

We’ll see you on the flipside! Now excuse me as I begin to rebuild “the studio” and make it presentable for video again 😉



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