Boomrat partners with Insomniac Events



Insomniac Events, the brains behind some of your favorite festivals like EDC, announced that they were partnering with Boomrat.


So I decided to check it out! Signup is a breeze and you can signup via email or Facebook. I chose Facebook because of simplicity, and I’m a mindless Facebook drone these days.

After some quick profile customization this is what some of the pages look like:

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A few interesting features jump out at me. For one, it’s not simply tracking songs, you can play them directly from the page, which is nice. I imagine in the future it will provide buy/download links. Seems like that would be a natural step. I did notice that on some of the tracks there were direct links back to Soundcloud so perhaps it will simply stay that way with the buy/download links on Soundcloud.

Social playlists jump out to me as being helpful. One of the things I loved about Spotify was the ability to create playlists and share them socially for others to listen. It appears with Boomrat you can do something similar, however currently I have no friends… because I suck… apparently. I’ll be interested to see how this feature pans out.

Have you tried out Boomrat yet? If so, what do you think? Tell use below!

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