DJ Mag Top 100: High Flyers, Free Fallers & New Additions


The DJ Mag Top 100 DJ list is always a hot topic when the voting begins, with everybody and their mother wanting to give their two cents on who the top DJs in the world are. You will never see the most technically gifted DJ top this list, and will probably never see a vinyl based, hip-hop scratch master make the cut, but you will see those DJs who headline the massive dance festivals and break into the charts right up at the top. At the end of it all, this is a popularity contest.

The list rarely throws in too many surprises, and the top 10 can be pretty much certain as the year progresses, this three-part article will hopefully shed some light on which DJs you can expect to be near the top, which ones you will see fall into unknown territory, and which ones will break onto the list.

High Flyers:

Hardwell – Love him or hate him, he is fully devoted to giving you his absolute best every night. Hardwell topped the list last year, and it was pretty much written in the stars before the voting even began and there will be absolutely no surprise if he is there again this year. Hardwell closed out Ultra Music Festival in Miami in what was one of the most hyped up DJ sets in recent memory, especially as he was boasting a set with 80% unreleased content. His most recent venture saw a massive back 2 back with trance legend Tiesto at Tomorrowland in Belgium! Add to this his globally recognised “I Am Hardwell” tour, the Dutch superstar has all the ingredients to win the award again.

Predicted finish – #1

Armin Van Buuren – If he hasn’t left you in A State Of Trance yet, you won’t understand why Armin Van Buuren will remain high on this list. The king of Trance continues to amazing listeners with his superb blend of melodic build ups and intense leads, and massive tracks such as “Ping Pong” & “EIFORYA” show that Armin is showing no signs of slowing down. Last years No.2 DJ could take the top spot again, but a top 5 finish is more than respectable.

Predicted finish – #5

Avicii – Last year Avicii hit the number 3 spot with his breakthrough into the commercial music scene. Even after last year’s disaster at Ultra, where Tim unveiled his new “True” album, the tracks still managed to place high in the charts! Avicii is chart topper, and his new take on last year’s album is a fresh breath on the already loved tracks! Avicii may fall short to some other DJ’s on the list this year, but never rule him out.

Predicted finish – #9

Tiesto – Tiesto has made a dramatic change to his style in recent times, which has garnered a lot of negative feedback from the fans he lead through the trance scene for the majority of his career. Tiesto is simply trying to evolve and adapt his style to keep up with the times, and his “Welcome To Paradise” album proves just that. The Dutch megastar has swapped out the moving trance melodies for more ‘chart friendly’ tracks to draw in a brand new audience. His recent back 2 back with Hardwell at Tomorrowland was a passing of the torch, but how much longer will Tiesto stick around?

Predicted finish – #6

David Guetta – Never too far from the top, Guetta knows exactly what he needs to put into his productions to make them fly off the shelves (or virtual shelves if you buy digitally). Guetta has always, and will always be the centre of criticism when it comes to his “live” DJ sets, but no matter where he plays, and what he plays, he always has a huge crowd singing and dancing along to his chart-topping tracks. Guetta’s recent releases have seen collaborations with the likes of Showtek which have gave his tracks an edgier feel to them, and it’s done him a world of good. It’s almost a certainty he will be in the top ten, but anything above the top 5 this time around will be a shock.

Predicted finish – #8

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – The Belgian duo are like marmite, you either love what they do, or absolutely hate it. The majority of you will be familiar with the term “Ghost Producing”, and when you hear this, Dimitri & Mike’s names are never far behind. Putting that aside, these two have continued to sell out every place they play with their “Smash the House” tour. Their live shows always bring up surprise guests, new tracks and earth moving “Tremors” that get the crowd pumped. DV&LM charted 6th last year, but that was just the beginning, these two are almost destined for the top spot, but will this be their year?

Predicted finish – #2

Nicky Romero – Nicky has been relatively quiet in terms of releases and with his first studio album without a release date, he is at risk of dropping down the list. His newest single “Feet On The Ground” proves that Romero has a unique sound that people love, and if this is a teaser of what to expect when his album drops, Romero could place even higher in a year or two.

Predicted finish – #12

In the next article, we’ll look at some of the DJ’s who are expected to make the biggest leaps towards the top.


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