Porter Robinson – Worlds [FULL STREAM]

If like me, you’ve been itching to get a hold of Porter’s eagerly anticipated album ‘Worlds’, which is set to hit shelves August 12th, then you’ll be absolutely ecstatic that the ability to stream the album is now available on Mixcloud. Worlds is already taking the dance music scene by storm, with single releases of ‘Sad Machine’ and ‘Lionhearted’ showing that the 22 year old from North Carolina is completely willing to push the boundaries of dance music, and people are liking it!

Porters previous uplifting, melodic treasures such as ‘Language’ and ‘Easy’ are just a snippet of the sound Porter has been looking for his whole producing life, and this album is a breath of fresh air in a scene that is being commercialised and made more “dance floor friendly”.

Robinson’s search for the perfect balance of beauty and emotion has been fully realised as he provides us with track after track stuffed with atmosphere and feeling, you can sense real passion in every track on the album and once finished, you can truly understand why Porter decided to make this transition away from commercial dance music.

Listen to the stream below, in anticipation for the actual album release on August 12th.


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