#MTD’s own Bass Action releases Big Room banger!

It’s not often that I get to write about one of #MTD’s own, but that time is upon us! Our very own Bass Action has released his first original track entitled Revelry [Get Up!] and I thought I would take a few minutes to review the track itself as well as interview Bass Action!

I know you’re eager to listen to the track so we’ll start there:

While this may be Bass Action’s first original track, he already has quite a few mashups and remixes under his belt such as Kaskade & Mindy Gledhill Vs. Dave Silcox – Spark Up My Eyes [Bass Action Edit] & Ryan Tedder Vs. Thomas Newton – Ravefield Of Mercy [Bass Action Mashup]. Revelry comes at you straight out of the Big Room sound that everyone craves during festival seasons.

With a strong kick your chest begins to thump within the first thirty seconds of the track. The melody kicks in and is very… catchy? It’s one of those melodies that will just get stuck in your head! That’s ok though cause you can listen to this track on repeat, especially when you’re looking for high energy music to keep you motivated!


Update: Download has been removed by artist so removed from post.

Now that you’ve had a chance to listen to the track (multiple times most likely), let’s take a moment to get to know the artist Bass Action:

#MTD Malone – How long have you been deejaying/producing?


I have been DJing for a couple of years and have only been producing for a few months. I remember that I wanted to buy turntables in the sixth grade so I went to the local grocery store and bought a few magazines. At the time, I had a much older and very imposing older brother who told me that I had to get Technics Sl-1200s and a specific mixer.

The total cost was over $4k at the time, and my allowance was six dollars a week so that was the end of that. I did the math, and remember that I had a ten year old’s mentality at the time, and I figured it would have taken me over ten years to save up for the turntables if I hadn’t spent a dime.  I basically had to repress the desire to DJ because it was something that I could never afford.

Those repressed feelings ended up carrying over throughout life, and I always assumed that I couldn’t afford equipment so I never sought out for more information about the current and available technology for DJing. Finally, as controllerism, etc. was more out in the open, I learned that there were more affordable options to chase my dream.

Please also remember that the age of digital DJing was now at its peak which went hand in hand with the new controllers and other equipment; there was no longer a need to buy records and the amount of music that was accessible compared to when I was ten years old was exponential.

#MTD Malone – Who are your influences when it comes to dance music?

BASS ACTION: I first started listening to “dance” music, as I like to call it, in the year 2000. I have followed it intensely for long periods of time and also have had times where I was more interested in other genres such as rap/hip-hop and even indie rock.

Tiesto was a constant favorite since the beginning of my affinity for dance music. Armin van Buuren is another. I would describe my admiration for them to be like a basketball fan’s adoration for Michael Jordan. You follow them over years or even decades. You have a sense of closeness with them and the praise you have for their craft just keeps growing.

On the other hand, there are those who haven’t been in the game quite as long, but you respect almost as highly. Swedish House Mafia is that group for me. They really fueled the fire to get me over the hump and behind some equipment.

Lastly, I love the “new kids on the block”; those names would include Hardwell, Blasterjaxx, John Dahlbäck, Martin Garrix(yes, Martin Garrix) Bassjackers, Botnek, Alvaro, Firebeatz and so many more.

I just want to mention that the reason they became successful and “influences” to me is because of their desire to do something different and new. With music, specifically production and DJing, the goal would for me would be to push the envelope and do something completely new; this something would reflect and be a culmination of all of my experiences, tastes for dance music, and knowledge that I have acquired throughout the years.


#MTD Malone – What kind of hardware/software do you use when you deejay/produce?

BASS ACTION: As mentioned earlier, I got into the DJ game just a couple of years ago. I have a Native Instruments Traktor S4 which is basically what I learned on. I also use an iPad app called Midipads for FX which I mapped personally that I use in conjuntion with Traktor Pro 2.

In terms of production and since I am only just a few months into it, I am using Ableton Live 9 Suite with only a few plugins that many producers know how to use so there is a lot of content out there for me to access; these would primarily be Native Instruments Massive, Lennar Digital Sylenth, and ReFX Nexu2.

Upon approaching and deciding which Digital Audio Workstation or DAW I was going to go with, I really wanted to use Logic 9 or X because I do have a Mac computer. The reason I decided to go with Ableton is because a producer that I respect very highly who agreed to teach and help me uses Ableton. I factored his knowledge and experience versus my initial liking of the program much more heavily than my initial liking of the DAW.

Moreover, usually if you ask any experienced producer out there they will tell you it doesn’t matter; just get producing! Secondly, find a mentor if you can!


#MTD Malone – What is the hardest part that you’ve encountered and how are you overcoming those issues?

BASS ACTION: I have always wanted to make my own music more than I have wanted to DJ. I kept promising myself over a couple year’s time while DJing that “this” would be the day that I finally delved into production. DJ gigs would come up, and not being a complete perfectionist but just someone who likes to be prepared, I would focus on the upcoming gig for weeks at a time. Production would be pushed back months which eventually turned into a couple of years.

I am also going to assume that I wasn’t confident in myself and subconsciously I avoided production to a certain extent. There was an inner fear like “what if I completely suck and can’t make anything?”

I urge everyone out there with these same dilemmas to really take some time out to focus on what is really important to you. It took me too long, but I think I have finally reached that point. I made a commitment to myself to not take any gigs unless they are really important and to just focus on production for the near future(at least a couple of years). On top of that, you will never know if you can’t do it unless you really try.


#MTD Malone – Anything the readers should know about? Upcoming gigs/events/releases?

BASS ACTION: This is the most exciting question! It has just been a few months and I have finally put an original track on my Soundcloud! I never expected the process to be so rewarding! While making this track, I received a lot of help from friends that are into production and, this came in all shapes, sizes, and forms. I have received help(bothered) those friends on Facebook chat, video chat, watched Youtube videos, participated in forums, and so much more.

Two days after putting my track on Soundcloud, five people have asked me to remix my track, and two people have asked me to collaborate. The greatest thing is that these are people who I looked up to highly along the way. I am looking forward to these projects as I can’t even imagine how much I will learn through each day. Upon that, people have begun to ask me for help along with sharing ideas and so forth. It’s awesome!

Lesson: There is hope, and all it takes is hard work, discipline, passion, and motivation!


#MTD Malone –  How can the reader follow you? (Social links/websites/etc)


Facebook: bassactionmusic
Soundcloud: bassaction
Twitter: @bassactionmusic
Instagram: @bassactionmusic

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